Chaine Des Rotisseur Brunch

Chaine des Rotisseur Brunch

The Wellington branch of the Chaine Des Rotisseurs hosted a brunch at The Village Cafe & Bar recently. It was an honour having you at our establishment and we hope you enjoyed your brunch!

Recently La Chaine des Rotisseurs held a weekend in Martinborough showcasing the best of the village with wine, food, gin and camaraderie. One of our highlights was the Sunday Brunch at the Village Café and Bar. Our hosts, Grant and Julia Jefferson understood the requirements of the Chaine for excellent cuisine as they have been members in Saudi Arabia. Starting with a mimosa, our five-course degustation Brunch was a delight – two of my favourites were the scallop and black pudding and the rhubarb and labneh with pistachio. The Chaine is talking of repeating the same superb weekend next year.

Helen Meehan, Bailli de Wellington, La Chaine des Rotisseurs
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